In Chinese culture, certain numbers are considered "lucky" because their pronunciations sound similar to words that have "lucky" meanings.

Lucky numbers are very important in Chinese culture. People select lucky numbers when choosing residences, telephone numbers, business addresses, wedding dates, festivals and other celebratory events.

Number 8 indicates prosperity, Wealth, success or social status.
Number 8 sounds similar to the word "Fa" in Cantonese. "Fa" can mean prosperity, wealth, success, or social status. One example of its use was the 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony held on August 8, 2008 (8/8/08), at 8:08 pm.

Even numbers are preferred over odd numbers.
Chinese believe in harmony and balance. Therefore, even numbers are preferred over odd numbers. Number 2 represents harmony, and number 6 success. The pronunciation of number 9 sounds similar to the word for permanence.

Lucky numbers in business.
Lucky numbers are also extremely important in Hong Kong. In this industrial and commercial city, competition is fierce and merchants vie for success. Often, they will select "lucky" days to celebrate grand openings or sign contracts. If the day has an 8, it is believed to bring luck. If the day has a 9, the business will have permanence. If the day has a 6, the venture will be successful.