One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let's take a look at the basic knowledge of "比".

比 bĭ  
Explanation: compare; close to
Phrases: 比较(bǐ jiào) comparison,contrast ; 比如(bǐ rú) for example, for
你能看出这个字( ) 里有两个人站得很近吗?它所指的意义很多,原先是“亲近”、“亲密”的意思,后来两个人站着比高低,就有“比较”、“对照”等意思了。你听过一句世代相传 的诗文:“海内存知己,天涯若比邻”吗?它是说人们无论走到哪里都要记着友情的可贵,到了天涯海角,彼此的心都靠得很近。
This character originally shows two people standing together facing towards the right( ), very close to each other, giving us the original meaning of “close”, as we can see from the well-known verse: 海内存知己,天涯若比邻 (keeping good friends in mind wherever they roam, even to the ends of the earth, you would feel them as close as next door.) Over time it has evolved and acquired the additional meanings of “compare” as in 比较 and 对比,as well as 比喻。


1. Ràng wǒmen bǐjiàoyíxià liǎnggè mínzúde fēngsúxíguàn。
Let us compare for a moment the customs of the two peoples.

2. Yǒuxiērén búshìhé zuòlǎoshī,bǐrú Xiǎo Wáng.
Some people are not suited to teaching, Xiao Wang for instance.