One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let's take a look at the basic knowledge of "笔".

笔 bĭ  
Explanation: pen
Phrases: 毛笔(máo bǐ) writing brush ;  笔名(bǐ míng) pen name
古时的“笔”( )是由手( )和笔杆( )组成,你看它像不像一只拿着笔的手呢?古时的“笔”是用“竹”和“毛”制成的,这就是“毛笔”了。
This was originally an ideogram. In the oracle bones, the upper right part of the character is a hand ( ), and the left side in the shape of a pen ( )represents the body of the pen. The character underwent numerous changes. In regular script it has lost most of its resemblance to a pen, but interestingly, in simplified Chinese, is written as 笔, a combination of 竹 “bamboo” and 毛 “hair” which is exactly what a Chinese pen was made of.  


1. Máobǐ shūfǎ yāoqiú xíngbǐ yǒulì.
   Calligraphy requires people to write with firm strokes.

2.Shūdiàn lǐ,míngrén bǐngbǐ qiānmíng shòushū.
  The original name of Caoyu is Wanjiabao. Caoyu is just his pen name.