One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let's take a look at the basic knowledge of "冰".


冰 bīng  
Explanation: Ice
Phrases: 冰山(bīng shān) iceberg ;  冰冷(bīng lěng) ice-cold
冰( )是由水凝结而成的。“水”是后来加山去的( )。这就成了现在所写的“冰”了,冰来自于水,人类早就知道。
In the oracle bones this character is in the form of ( ),like protruding ice pieces, so originally 冰 was a pictographic character. But later a 水 “water” radical was added to it ( ), showing that “ice” is made of “water.”    


1. Hǎiqīn shì yóuyú quánqiú biànnuǎn,bīngshān róngshuǐ zēngjiā ér yǐnfā de.
Global warming melts the ice in the polar regions, and the increasing water is the cause of transgression.

2.Hǎishuǐ bīnglěngcìgǔ.
    The seawater was piercingly cold.