One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let's take a look at the basic knowledge of "城".


城 chéng
Explanation: city
Phrases: 城市(chéng shì) city ; 县城(xiàn chéng) county town

In ancient script, the left half of the character 城 resembles the shape of a city wall while the right half represents a weapon; thus the character 城 means 守卫 (safeguard; protect). Ancient city walls can be divided into earthen, stone, and brick city walls, according to the materials used in their construction. Generally speaking, most earthen city walls are more ancient. One section of a Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368 A.D.) earthen city wall is still preserved at a site in present-day Beijing. The Great Wall of China or 万里长城 (the ten thousand li Great Wall) is a protective wall which once spanned ten thousand li or approximately five thousand kilometers in length. Ancient cities and towns were all surrounded by city walls and defended by soldiers. Thus 城 was also used to indicate 城市 (city) in ancient times and later came to represent its most common meaning. 


1. Báiméngméng de wù lǒngzhàozhe zhěnggè chéngshì.
The whole city is enveloped in mist.

2.Fānguo qiánmian nà zuò shāngǎng,jiù dào xiànchéng le.
Cross the mountain in front of us, and you will reach the county town.