One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let's take a look at the basic knowledge of "从".

从 cóng  
Explanation: from
Phrases: 从此(cóng cǐ) from now on ;  从前(cóng qián) before
古字的“从”,可是看到一个人正跟着另一个人,两人紧紧地靠在一起( ),不难想到有“跟从”的含义。后来渐渐发展成“服从”、“附从”、“从哪里来”等意思。
From early oracle bones, we can see two people standing close together, facing towards the left ( ), one person following the other. So “follow” is the original meaning of this character. Then, by extension and evolution the meaning shifts towards “obedient” and “from”, also “accessory.”  


1. Tāmen cóngcǐ búzài pínqióng.
    After that they were no longer poor.

2.Xīwàng nǐ bǐ cóngqián kuàilè.
  I hope you are happier than you were before.