One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let's take a look at the basic knowledge of "夫".

夫 fū  
Explanation:man; husband
Phrases:夫妇(fū fù) husband and wife  ; 夫人(fū rén) lady;Madame;Mrs
夫 is formed by adding a horizontal stroke above “person”(人), yet this horizontal stroke does not mean “head of the person”. Rather, it means the hairpin in a man’s hair. In ancient times, when a boy reached the age of 20, he had to bind his hair with a hairpin in a ritual initation, to be considered a grown up man. Therefore, the hairpin is the sign of “a grownup man ”,and this is also the original meaning of "夫" .       


1.Lùyǐ shàng zuò zhe yí duì lǎofūfù.
  An old couple sat on the roadside bench

2.Wǒ kěshì jiǔyǎng zūnfūrén de fāngmíng,jīntiān cái yǒuxìng jiàndào.
  I have heard of your wife for a long time. Today, I finally have the honor of meeting her.