One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let's take a look at the basic knowledge of "火".

火 huŏ  
Explanation:flame; fire
Phrases:火柴(huǒ chái) match  ; 火车(huǒ chē) train
你看“火”的字形( )像不像一团向高空上升的火?而且里头有火舌在动的模样,现在它旁边的两点就表示火舌,“火”正是物体燃烧时所产生的火焰。它还可以放在左面或下用作部首,以“火”为部首的字常与“火”、“热”或火的功能有关。
火 is a pictographic character. As the oracle bones show, it pictures the shape of a flame rising into the air. is a radical in other Chinese characters(there are three forms of the “fire” radical: one is placed on the left side; the others are written on the bottom as a flattened, or as four dots). Chinese characters with this radical mostly have something to do with “fire” or “heat”, or the functions of fire.


1.Gānggāng tiān le huǒ chái,huǒlǎoyā měng de wǎng shàng yìcuān。
    I added some match to the fire just now, and the flames leapt up.

2. Huǒchē hé qìchē shì bùtóng de chēzhǒng.
    Train and car are different types of vehicles.