Growing up with Chinese(成长汉语) is an entertaining, fun and easy Chinese series. This series teaches 300 of the most commonly spoken Chinese phrases to teenagers. It is hosted by Charlotte MacInnis, known to the Chinese audiences as Ai Hua.

Key words:
香 xiāng:sth. that tastes good
馋 chán:glutinous
咬 yǎo:to bite
糊涂 hútu:confused
否则 fǒuzé:otherwise
绕口令 ràokǒulìng:tongue twister
老字号 lǎozìhào:time-honored stores,store of long standing
在我看来 zài wǒ kànlái:as I see it
总而言之 zǒngéryánzhī:in short
否则的话 fǒuzé de huà:otherwise