Happy Chinese(快乐汉语) is an entertaining, fun and easy Chinese series. In Season I, we will focus on daily life Chinese. It will helps the foreigners not only just know what to say, but also how to use it. 快乐汉语系列一《日常生活汉语》主要教授在中国家庭生活及学校生活中的日常用语。我们将以情景剧的方式帮助大家理解和掌握这些句子。


What’s your surname? And your full name?
My surname is Liu, and my full name is Liu Liyun.
A Chinese name consists of two parts, the surname and the given name. The surname is placed before the given name. If you want to know someone’s name, the polite way to ask is “nin gui xing?” If you want to know his or her full name, just say, “nin jiao shen me ming zi?” or “nin jiao shen me?” If the person you ask is younger than you, you may ask, “ni xing shen me?”, “ni jiao shen me ming zi?” If your name is Liu Liyun, when answering someone’s inquiry about your name, you may say, “wo xing Liu” or “wo xing Liu, jiao Liu Liyun.”

What is this?
Who has coins?
疑问代词: 谁、什么、哪儿/哪里、什么时候/几点、怎么、几/多少
Chinese interrogative pronouns include “shui” (who), “shen me” (what), “nar/na li” (where), “shen me shi hou/ji dian” (when, at what time), “zen me” (how), and “ji/duo shao”, (how many, how much).