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The literature in Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox occurs exactly at the midpoint of the 90 days from the first day of Start of Autumn to the beginning of Frost Descent. Here we list some wonderful literature of Autumn Equinox.
[1] Three Phases of Autumn Equinox
[2] Poems of Tang Dynasty about the Autumn Equinox
[3] Weather Proverbs about the Autumn Equinox
[4] Agricultural Proverbs about the Autumn Equinox
[5] Song Ci about the Autumn Equinox

Three Phases of Autumn Equinox

In ancient China, people divide the Autumn Equinox period into three phases:

The first phase is the disappearance of thunder. It is thought that thunder is the sound of the power of yang qi, and after Autumn Equinox the yin qi gains momentum, resulting in no thunder.

The second phase is the hiding of worms from soil. As the weather gets colder, the insects start to hide in their caves and seal the cave mouth with soil to prevent the intrusion of cold air.

The third phase is the decrease of rainfall. Due to the dry weather, the water evaporates fast, and thus the amount of water in lakes decreases, and some swamps and pools go dry.

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