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You must know Customs in Cold Dew

Cold Dew is the 17th solar term.There are three things to look forward to in the Cold Dew period: the first is that wild geese migrate southward; the second is that sparrows transform into clams; the third is that chrysanthemums are in full bloom.
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During the Cold Dew period, most parts of South China enjoy tender sunshine and warm winds. Chrysanthemums are in full bloom and a rich perfume of osmanthus blooms wafts through the fresh air. It’s a great time for outings and enjoying flowers. Besides this, it’s also time for eating crabs and fishing. People always say that fishing in shallow water in autumn does make sense. That’s because during the Cold Dew period, temperatures decrease quickly and sunshine can’t reach the deep water thoroughly. Fish all swim to shallow water areas where the water temperature is relatively high.

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