CRI reporter: Paul K
(CRI building, in the afternoon)

(In the office, PK drops a few items on his desk. His attention is drawn to a colleague of his who seems sad.)

PK: Are you ok?
Joanna: Yah!

(Joanna doesn't seem to be happy though.)

PK: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so the saying goes, but come to think of it, what if the games you choose to play don't involve much of physical activities?

(PK points to his left where one of his colleagues is playing a solitaire on his computer.)

PK: Or your work schedule leaves you no room to join your friends for a football match, some running or whatever sport is it that you like.

Joanna: That’s when a gym comes in handy.
PK: Having said about taking you to one of my favorite gyms here in Beijing. Let’s go.

(PK goes for his back pack that got everything he needs for the gym and heads for the door.)

(Inside a gym-Afternoon)

PK: I know maybe you are wondering why I brought you here. For one, I needed some company and two I needed some one to pick up a few Chinese phrases I will be dropping along the way.

(PK is at the gym reception waiting to be checked in.)

Receptionist: 你好!欢迎来到我们健身会馆。Nǐhǎo! Huānyínɡ láidào wǒmen jiànshēnhuìɡuǎn.

PK: 你好,这是我的会员卡,我的会员卡什么时候到期?(Nǐhǎo, zhèshì wǒde huìyuánkǎ, wǒ de huìyuánkǎ shénme shíhou dàoqī?)
Receptionist: 您的卡明年六月到期。(Nín de kǎ mínɡnián liùyuè dàoqī.)
PK: 明年六月?这么说它还能用?(Mínɡnián liùyuè? Zhème shuōtā háinénɡyònɡ?)

Language points:

Wǒ de huìyuánkǎ shénme shíhou dàoqī?
When will my membership card expire?

Zhème shuō tā háinénɡyònɡ?
That’s to say it’s still valid.