Samsung issued an apology to Chinese consumers on Wednesday after China's state-run media criticized the Korean electronics giant for selling handsets with allegedly faulty memory chips.

The company offered to provide free repairs and extended warranties on seven models after a broadcast on the influential China Central Televisionon Tuesday reported how Samsung handsets, including the Galaxy S andGalaxy Noteseries, crash several times a day due to the memory chips. The report said the issue could be resolved with a $100 chip upgrade that was not covered under current warranties.
在中国最具影响力的中央电视台29日报道了包括型号为Galaxy S 和Galaxy Note系列的三星手机因内存芯片问题导致一天内多次死机之后,三星公司提出对七款机型提供免费维修服务并延长其保修期。该报道指出,能够解决这些问题的价值100美元的升级芯片并不包含在当前的保修中。

In a statementposted to Samsung's China Web site, the electronics giant apologized for the inconvenience, which it blamed on "management problems." It also pledged to repair affected devices, refunds on previously-repaired devices, and replacement handsets in some cases.

Samsung is not the first tech coming to come under CCTV scrutiny for its warranty practices. In April, Apple CEO Tim Cook issued an apologyover its warranty policies in China and promised improved services. The initial report claimed Apple repaired only broken or otherwise faulty parts within its products for customers in China, versus providing new replacements in other countries.

Cook's apology came during Apple's continuing efforts to land an iPhone distribution dealwith the world's largest mobile carrier. Support from China Mobile, which has about 745 million customers, would open up a vast number of new customers for Apple.

Meanwhile, Samsung hopes its apology goes a long way toward helping it maintain its lead position in China's smartphone market. The company sold 30 million devices in the country last year for a 17.7 percent market share, outpacing the 11 percent share commanded by No. 3 Apple.