Guangdong province has the largest number of singles in China and Beijing has the most single women, according to a list released by a dating website on Friday Nov. 1, a precursor to "Singles Day" which falls on Nov. 11.

More than 11 percent of singles live in Guangdong, which the list jokingly attributed to the dining habits down south: "Cantonese eat five meals a day, which deprives them of time to date."

Beijing has the highest proportion of single women to the city's whole population, because their toughness frightens men away, according to the website's data.

Nanjing also made the list, but for the largest number of single men, who are reportedly more interested in computer games. The report cited the sixth national census, which shows that single men outnumber single women by three to one in Nanjing.

Nov. 11 was chosen as Singles Day for the connection between singles or bachelors and the number "1."

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光棍节ɡuānɡ ɡùn jié:Singles Day
剩女shènɡ nǚ: 3S lady(Single、Seventies 、Stuck)