Everyday Chinese is the online Chinese course which designed for language learners who would like to acquire practical communication skills. Today we will learn some useful expressions.


1. 能跳支舞吗?
Néng tiào zhī wǔ ma?
May I dance with you?

2. 我请你喝一杯,好吗?
Wǒ qǐng nǐ hē yì bēi, hǎo ma?
May I offer you a drink?

3. 有空儿一起吃饭吧。
Yǒu kòngr yìqǐ chī fàn ba.
When you’re free, how about having dinner with me?

4. 你真漂亮!
Nǐ zhēn piàoliang!
You are so beautiful!