A recent survey has revealed that China is considered to be the most 'industrious' nation in the world, according to research from Monster Worldwide, in collaboration with Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK), a German global market research institute.

The survey — with more than 8,000 respondents from Canada, France, Germany, India, Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States — gauged economic and labor-related competitive spirit by drilling down into “industriousness,” which describes the level to which a country was “hard-working, innovative and constantly creating new ideas/products,” according to the survey.

According to the international survey, Chinese employees are the most industrious people in the world, followed by workers from Germany and the US. Employees from France are considered to be the laziest people in the world.

German employees responded confidently to the survey placing themselves first in the pecking order of global industriousness. French employees, on the other hand, seem to be aware of their limitations, and many of those surveyed placed France in last place.

German newspaper, Handelsblatt, reported that Chinese employees work on average 44.6 hours per week, while the German employees average about 33.5 hours of work per week.

And although China has more public holidays than Germany, Chinese employees have only ten days of paid leave on average, while German employees have 25 days.