Today, I will introduce a Chinese film which called Dust in the Wind (恋恋风尘liàn liàn fēng chén). So let us have a brief introduction.

Dust in the Wind is a 1986 critically acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful movie by Taiwanese filmmaker Hou Hsiao-Hsien (侯孝贤Hóu Xiàoxián).

This film is based on co-screenwriter Wu Nien-jen's (吴念真Wú Niànzhēn) own experiences, and the final part of Hou's coming-of-age trilogy, the others being A Summer at Grandpa's (1984) and The Time to Live and the Time to Die (1985).


A love story about a young couple from a village in the northern-east part of Taiwan. The boy, Ah-yuan goes to Taipei to work after graduating from junior high school so he can earn money to send home. The girl, Ah-yun follows him the next year and they work hard to earn enough money to marry. Then Ah-yuan must spend three years in the military and the girl marries someone else. Although Ah-yuan regrets what happened he does not blame Ah-yun.

This is a very fabulous film.