Grain in Ear, June 6, the sun is 75 degrees by the yellow. Because our country is vast in territory and climate characteristics of the same cycle also varies. Our country in the middle of the Yangtze River, downstream areas, increased rainfall, higher temperatures, into the continuous rain the rainy season, the air is very humid, the weather was unusually hot and humid, all kinds of clothing and equipment vulnerable to mold, so, in the middle and lower Yangtze River region put this weather called "Huangmei days."

In addition, China's Dragon Boat Festival at many of the day before and after Grain in Ear, civil there is "not eating rice dumplings wrapped in leaves of Dragon Boat Festival, can not send break Qiu" argument. What to tell people that the Dragon Boat Festival a few, not to keep out the cold to take off his clothes so as not to catch cold. At China's Jiangxi Province have proverb: "Grain in Ear summer days, walk led dignitaries; led the dignitaries pull, pull up the VIP." A short span of a few words, the reaction of the summer people's common problem - lazy. The reason is that the summer temperature, air humidity increased, the body can not be open to divergent sweat out, that is steaming hot wet move filled with hot and humid air, the person's recollection, the subject to breathe, not from the hot and humid atmosphere. So, wet summer so that a sense of victory and many must feel sleepy limbs, malaise. Therefore, at Grain in Ear Terms want to do a good job in not only the rain period, field management, more attention should be paid to strengthen the physique, to avoid seasonal diseases and infectious diseases, such as heat stroke, mumps, chickenpox, etc..

Grain in Ear's health focus to the climatic characteristics according to the season, in the spirit of caring on the spirit should make sure to maintain a relaxed, pleasant state of melancholy can not be angry there is, so to declare air-Chang, China can easily pass.

Living activities, it is necessary to get up early appropriate to accept sunlight (to avoid direct sun, paying attention to ) in order to conform to the yang, qi and blood in favor of the operation, be inspired. Summer day night short afternoon nap can help restore fatigue, there is beneficial to health. Grain in Ear after the noon-day heat, people easy to sweat, clothes to wash ground. To avoid heat stroke, after Grain in Ear regular wash, so that the skin loose, "Yang hot" easy to vent. It should be noted that, in the sweating when not to immediately take a bath, an old Chinese saying, "no sweat wet", if "wet sweat see, acne is Health."

Female middle-aged and old friends to choose sides Beauty: mung bean, lilies, Borneol the 10 grams of talc, white monkshood, Angelica dahurica , rosin 30 grams of the rough at the end of inquiry, put gauze BAG bath can face, Bai delicate skin, body Shannon evil.