Ginger duck are home-style recipes, main raw material is a duck, the craft is fried, difficulty medium.

Ginger duck raw material: duck

Ginger duck sauce: watercress pepper foam sea pepper sauce sweet and sour chicken concentrate wine

Accessories of ginger duck: ginger and shallot red chilli garlic

Ginger duck approach:

1. pour the oil in the Pan, duck under (cold oil and cook) a small fire. Don't worry, don't open the fire.

2. Cook until the variable light oil in the Pan, put a duck, leaving oil in the pan a little.

3. under the sauce: watercress, wild pepper, foaming sea pepper, and garlic;

4. posterior sauce fried duck. Keep the fire.

5. and then click join: chicken essence, cooking wine (small bowl to eat half-bowl), soy sauce (ownership, uncertain, some less, taste the flavor, add) a spoon, sugar, vinegar;

6. turn the fried uniform, joined the ginger. Turn after stir fry until cooked.

Warm Tip:

If the first wine pepper and shredded ginger duck marinated first cut into blocks of 10 minutes, will be more tasty.

Eat healthy:

1. while ginger can heal, but if ginger to eat much, might have lung cancer, liver cancer and other diseases. So, want to have a healthy body, ginger can neither eat or not eat.

2. duck meat and fatty acids in low melting point, easy to digest. B vitamins and vitamin e contained more than other meat, can effectively resist beriberi, neuritis, and a variety of inflammation, and anti-aging. Duck with rich in niacin, it constitutes the human body in one of two important components of Coenzyme, protective effect on heart disease such as myocardial infarction.

Food taboos:

1. effects of deficiency-cold, do not feel like eating due to cold, pain in stomach cold. Dilute Qing diarrhea, dysmenorrhea of cold and low back pain and chronic enteritis, arteriosclerosis, obesity should eat less;

2. cold not fit for human consumption.