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问路:Asking the Way

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This time let's learn how to ask the way in Chinese.

asking the way 问路

问路  Asking the Way

A: Qĭng wèn, qù Tiāntán zĕnme zŏu?
A: 请问,去天坛怎么走?
A: Excuse me. How can I go to the The Temple of Heaven?

B: Wăng qián zŏu, zài shí zì lù kŏu xiàng yòu guăi, zài zŏu wŭ fēnzhōng jiù dào le.
B: 往前走,在十字路口向右拐,再走5分钟就到了。
B: Go straight forward and turn right at the crossroads. Then, you'll arrive after five minutes'walk.

A: Lí zhèr yŏu duō yuăn.
A: 离这儿有多远?
A: How far is it from here?

B: Bùyuăn, dàyuē yī gōnglĭ
B: 不远,大约一公里。
B: Not far, about one kilometer.

The adverb: 多(duō)

It Often goes before monosyllabic adjectives such as 长 (cháng, long), 大 (dà, big) to ask about degree or extent.

多长时间 how long time
多大 how big

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