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点菜:Ordering Food

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This time let's learn how to order food in Chinese.

ordering food 点菜

点菜  Ordering Food

A: Nĭ men zhè ér yŏu shén me tè sè cài?
A: 你们这儿有什么特色菜?
A: What are your specialties?

B: Wŏ men de tè sè cài shì shuĭ zhŭ yú.
B: 我们的特色菜是水煮鱼。
B: The specialty is called Boiled Fish.

A: Tīng qĭ lái bú cuò. Lái yī fènr.
A: 听起来不错。来一份儿。
A: It sounds great. I'd like one dish, please

B: Nín chī dé guàn yòu má yòu là de cài ma?
B: 您吃得惯又麻又辣的菜吗?
B: Could you eat spicy hot food?

A: Wŏ méi chī guò, Xiăng cháng yī cháng
A: 我没吃过,想尝一尝。
A: I've never had it, but I'd like to give it a try.

Verb repetition: 尝一尝

Verb denoting action can be repeated. This device is usually employed when one wishes to indicate that the action is of a very short duration, to soften the tone or to make it sound relaxed or informal.


你应该尝一尝。 You should have a try.
你应该看一看。 You should have a look.

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