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买东西:Buy Things

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This time let's learn how to buy things in Chinese.

buy things 买东西

买东西  Buying Things

A: Xiān shēng, yŏu qiézi ma?
A: 先生,有茄子吗?
A: Do you have eggplants here, sir?

B: Yŏu, zhè xiē dōu shì. Nĭ yào nă zhŏng?
B: 有,这些都是。你要哪种?
B: Yes, all those are (eggplants). What kind do you want?

A: Zhè zhŏng qiézi duōshao qián yì jīn?
A: 这种茄子多少钱一斤?
A: How much for this kind?

B: Liăng kuài wŭ yì jīn.
B: 两块五一斤。
B: 2.5 Yuan for one catty.

A: Wŏ yào yì jīn.
A: 我要一斤。
A: I'll take one catty.

Demonstrative pronouns: 这(zhè) This & 那(nà) That

When the demonstrative pronoun 这(zhè) This & 那(nà) That functions as an attributive, the noun it qualifies also takes a measure word before it.


这种茄子 this kind of eggplant
这个月 this month
那位老师 that teacher

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