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换钱:Exchanging Money

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Chinese Money is called RMB,which is acronym for "Renminbi" meaning the people's currency,The basic unit of RMB is yuan,whose biggest denomination is one hundred.The recent rate for US dollars to RMB is approximately 1:6.82.That ia to say,one hundred dollars equal to about 682 yuan.

exchange money 换钱

换钱  Exchanging Money

A: Láojià, wŏ xiăng bă mĕi yuán huàn chéng Rén mín bì.
A: 劳驾,我想把美元换成人民币。
A: Excuse me, I'd like to exchange some US dollars for RMB.

B: Qĭng nín xiān tián yī zhāng duìhuàn dān.
B: 请您先填张兑换单。
B: Fill in the exchange form first, please.

A: Wŏ tiān hăo le.
A: 我填好了。
A: I've finished the form.

B: Qĭng shāo dĕng. Zhè shì nín de qián.
B: 请稍等。这是您的钱。
B: Wait a moment, please. Here is your money.

A: Xièxiè.
A: 谢谢。
A: Thank you.


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