Fried celery with chiken gizzard belonging to Sichuan cuisine recipes, main raw material is chiken gizzard; process is fried, making simple;

Fried celery with chiken gizzard material: chiken gizzard (including heart, chicken liver, chicken gizzards, chicken sausage, etc).

Fried celery with chiken gizzard ingredients: parsley, pickled peppers, 25 grams, foam 200 grams 25 g ginger, garlic 2 flap;

Fried chiken gizzard with celery sauce: soy, wine, starch, sugar, pixian broad bean paste with;

Fried celery with chiken gizzard approach:

1. wash clean, fresh grass carp slaughter, cut fins, fishes piece with a knife along the fish bones, fish into two halves, linked to the fish's back, with spring onion, ginger, 1 scoop (5ml), wine, and 1 teaspoon (5 grams) of salt fish, pickled for 10 minutes.

2. fresh chiken gizzard small cutting, heart semi cut cut thick slices, chicken liver, chicken gizzards with sliced or cut flower (chicken gizzards with protruding side up, beveled, does not cut the roots, then cut lengthwise, a knife is not cut off a knife to cut off), chicken sausage cut into sections, use 1 tablespoon soy grab even slightly salted, 1 teaspoon starch.

3. to wash the old leaves of celery cut into segments of about 4 cm.

4. broad bean paste with chop 1 spoon, oblique cut into segments, steep ginger pickled peppers, garlic slices to be used;

5. broad bean paste with fried in the frying pan heat the oil, fried oil;

6. ginger, garlic and pickled peppers fried;

7. join fried celery is uniform.

Eat healthy:

Chiken gizzard with iron-rich, is iron with natural ingredients. Appropriate consumption of chiken gizzard in spring, for vitamin a supplementation, increasing immunity when the season, has a very excellent effect

Food taboos:

Chicken offal unfit to eat too much.