Shredded beef are home-style recipes, the main ingredient is beef, process is mixed, is not difficult,

Raw shredded beef: beef 250 g;

Shredded beef ingredients: tomatoes a little, 1 red pepper, and garlic slightly, coriander 100 grams lemon juice a little, fine granulated sugar 1 tea spoon, fish sauce 1 big spoon, few drops of white with sesame oil and pepper;

Shredded beef's practices:

1. boiling in a pot, beef slices down, just white to remove alternate.

2. beef in a large container would be found and all the accessories and seasoning mix. Sprinkle with coriander decoration.

Warm Tip:

1. this approach is shredded beef in Thai style practices;

2. add lemon juice and sour cocktail, while not really like fish sauce can add some flavor of soy sauce;

Eat healthy:

Beef: beef rich rich protein, amino acid composition than pork more near human need, can improve body resistance ability, on growth development and the operation Hou, disease Hou nursed back to of people in supplementary hemorrhagic, and repair organization, aspects special suitable, winter food beef can warm gastric, is the season of replenishing share; beef has supplement in the Yi gas, nourishes spleen and stomach, robust bones, Huatan income wind, to quench your thirst check salivary gland of efficacy, suitable Yu gas Xia implicit, and shortness of body virtual, and bones still ached, and anemia illness and the surface yellow dazzled of people edible.

In summer, hot weather, edible beef should not be too frequent.

Food taboos:

Beef: beef not suitable and chestnut, snail, brown sugar, chives, white wine, pork with fresh.