Boiled fish slices of raw material: grass carp;

Boiled fish ingredients: lettuce, eggs, cooked Sesame;

Boiled fish slices with sauce: red watercress oil, chili sauce, chilli, pepper, onions, ginger, garlic, sesame oil, chicken powder, flour, cooking wine, sugar, salt, sesame oil.

Boiled fish slices approach:

Raw materials: half-grass carp fish, lettuce, watercress red oil, chili sauce, chilli, pepper, onion, ginger, garlic, cooked with sesame seeds, sesame oil, chicken powder, egg, flour, cooking wine, sugar

1. cut the fish into continuous blade, with raw powder, egg, chicken powder, cooking wine, pepper, sesame oil, ginger pickled taste for half an hour.

2. chilli, pepper waterlogging grain cleaning foam for a, wash lettuce bubble into a paragraph, mounted in a large bowl of drain water.

3. ginger, garlic and chop, chop two garlic, coriander chopped scallion, broad bean paste with chop, bubble good chilli, pepper poured into the proper amount of fried flavor bails out, cool, hot chili pepper cut into stand-by.

4. after the smell of pickled fish fillets, cooked quickly when placed in the pot.

5. will the oil in the Pan, into the broad bean paste with, chilli sauce, ginger and garlic, add appropriate amount of water after fried, sprinkled into the wine after boiling, Cook for a while.
6. the finished product.

Warm Tip:

1. to fresh grass carp, cooking heat should not be too large, so as not to cook fish.

2. Cooking without MSG , very good.

Eat healthy:

1. rich in unsaturated fatty acids in grass carp, beneficial to blood circulation, cardiovascular patients is good food;

2. carp rich in selenium, regular consumption of the efficacy of anti-aging, beauty, and there is a certain preventive effect on tumor;

3. persons, physically weak, loss of appetite, fish grass is tender but not greasy, piquant, and nourishing.

Food taboos:

Grass carp bile toxic to eat fish.