On mastering wing chun ‘I started learning wing chun as soon as I received script, and I shed more than 10 lbs(Latin=pounds) to match Ip’s slim figure. I also read many books on Ip and wing chun and I practised with wooden dummies every day in order to demonstrate wing chun properly. With a martial arts background I have no problem picking up wing chun. The hardest thing was to put aside everything I’ve learned and clear my mind for pure wing chun practice. This was really challenging, but I knew this was a must if I was to portray the essence of wing chun.’

Interesting fact Wing chun(咏春Yǒngchūn) was originally developed as a style enabling women to protect themselves from men. Although Ip Man popularised it in the 1930s, its original proponent was the beautiful daughter of a tofu dealer named Yim Wing-chun.