Q&A of Premier Li in 2014 Two Sessions 7: We will talk about the "social security".

1、保证比较充分的就业 ensure fairly full employment

2、使居民收入有增长 realize reasonable increase of people's income

3、我们不片面追求GDP。We are not preoccupied with GDP growth.

4、节能环保 energy conservation and environmental protection


reach the important consensus of building a new model of major-country relationship between China and the United States

6、互不冲突 non-conflict, non-confrontation

7、互利共赢 mutual respect and win-win cooperation

8、雾霾 smog


I said the government will declare war against smog and pollution as a whole, because this has become a serious issue on the top of the minds of our people.

10、粗放的生产和生活方式 inefficient and unsustainable model of growth and way of life

11、社会保障 social security

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