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Chinese Grammar learning: V + 不下

Another great potential complement is 不下 (bùxià).

Another great potential complement is 不下 (bùxià).

To talk about whether or not something can happen or is possible, potential complements are used. One of the most common is 不下. This is used to talk about whether or not something will fit or go somewhere.
Subject + Verb + 不下 + Object

The sentence could also be arranged with the object first (a topic).

Shūɡuìtàixiǎo, fànɡ bú xià zhème duō shū。
书柜太小, 放 不 下 这么 多 书。
This bookcase is too small to keep this many books.

Fàntàiduō,wǒmen chī bú xià。
饭太多,我们 吃 不 下。
There's so much food. We can't eat all of it.

Zhè jiān fánɡjiān tài xiǎo,zuò bú xià sānshí ɡè rén。
这 间 房间 太 小,坐 不 下 三十 个 人。
This room is too small. 30 people can't fit in here.

Wǒyíɡèrénnábú xià zhème duō xínɡli。
我一个人拿不 下 这么 多 行李。
I can't take this luggage all by myself.

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