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The ideal city 一座城池

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The ideal city tells a story that Lin Xi was fed up with Shanghai's underbelly so he ran away with his best friend Jianshu from Shanghai. However, it didn't solve any problems but only presented new ones.


The ideal city 一座城池
导演: 孙渤涵
编剧: 孙渤涵;韩寒
主演: 房祖名 王太利
类型: 喜剧
语言: 汉语普通话
上映日期: 2013-09-18(中国大陆)
电影讲述从学校肄业的“我(林夕)”(房祖名饰)因为一次群架事件,和朋友“健叔”(王太利饰)从上海逃到了一个城镇。健叔是高我一年级的同学,我 们住在长江旅馆里,整日在这个城市里闲晃。后来我们认识了新朋友王超,从此,王超和他的桑塔纳就和我们混在了一起。故事将青年人的无奈、茫然、彷徨与尴尬 表现的淋漓尽致,就好像一直在寻找着一条路,然而最后发现路就在脚下。
The Ideal City
Director: Sun Bohan
script by: Sun Bohan Hanhan
Actors: Jaycee Fong, Wang Taili
Type: Comedy
Language: Standard Chinese
Release date: September 18th, 2013
Lin Xi is fed up with life in Shanghai's underbelly. A final gang fight sends him looking for better prospects elsewhere, with best friend Jianshu. After putting enough distance between themselves and Shanghai's chaos, the two wind up at the Yangtze River Hotel. The tranquility of the area is in stark contrast to the city they once called home, but then memories of Shanghai start to plague Lin Xi as he and his friends drift aimlessly around this peaceful town. Running away from Shanghai didn't solve any problems, it just presented new ones, and they look for a way out of feeling lost. 

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