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  • False [Reading] 朱自清 匆匆(cōnɡcōnɡ)     

    在这篇散文(sǎn wén)中,时间不再虚无(xū wú),而被拟(nǐ)人化了,它像小孩子一样在我们的眼前蹦(bèng)蹦跳(tiào)跳的走过。 又到了国庆节(guó qìng jié),你是不是也疑惑(yí huò)这一年我又白

    2011-09-29 20:28, 精品散文 拼音

  • False [Reading] The kingdom of animals and plants: xīshuānɡbǎnnà      

    it is a wonderful world,which is teeming with various animals and plants.The soul shocked by primitive air,the eyes catched by amazing species,the body surrounded with green magic.Belive or not,y

    2011-09-29 19:05, wonderful forests travel in china

  • False [Reading] Spring chant--"A Spring Moring"    

    Spring is the best season in the year, being faced with the beautiful scenery of springtime, I believe that no one would grudge the kind words. So, let's learn about the poetic expression togethe

    2011-09-29 16:21,2 Comments poetry learn Chinese

  • False [Reading] Li Ning & Nike    


    2011-09-29 00:20, Li Ning Nike

  • False [Reading] Nostalgia--Night Thoughts    

    "Poetry is used to convey one's affection". Today we'll learn about the poem- "Night Thoughts" writen by Li Bai. It just conveys the feeling of nostalgia.

    2011-09-27 20:57, poetry