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  • False [Food] Chinese food: noodle (miantiao)   

    Noodles are made of a flour of grains or beans, after adding the water into the flour, mixing until a dough with no lumps forms, and then cut it into strips. There are varieties of noodles in Chi

    2013-10-05 13:00, food custom

  • False [Food] Chinese food:Dim Sum Dishes   

    As for the food part of the experience, the dim sum chefs' artistry and ingenuity is astounding, for some dim sum dishes seem to defy all the laws of physics and gravity.

    2013-10-04 17:00, food Dim Sum

  • False [Food] How to drink Gongfu Tea   

    Kung Fu Tea is not one kind of tea leaves or the name of tea, but a skill of making tea. It is because of the exquisite process of making tea that people call it Kung Fu Tea, the operation requir

    2013-10-04 13:00, food custom

  • False [Food] Cuisine in Xinjiang   

    Xinjiang, a multi-ethnic region where people of a certain group live in compact communities, has rich and unique food culture. This distinctive food culture has reflected the characteristics of t

    2013-10-03 13:00, food custom

  • False [Food] Dining in Dim Sum Restaurants   

    In terms of Chinese culinary history, dim sum are relatively new on the scene. Since the 10th Century, however, the Cantonese have acquired a dim sum repertoire of around 2,000 varieties of the t

    2013-10-02 17:00, food Fried

  • False [Food] The Guest Gets the Best in China   

    The guest of honor naturally receives the choicest morsels, and is expected to lead the way when necessary. With a fish course,

    2013-10-02 15:00, food custom

  • False [Customs] First State Banquet in China   

    In 1949, October 1st, Chairman Mao declared the establishment of People’s Republic of China on the Tian’an men square. In the evening the first state banquet was held to celebrate the rebirth o

    2013-10-02 13:00, food custom

  • False [Food] Chinese Tea & Teahouses   

    Ever since Emperor Shen Nung sat under a camellia tree 5,000 years ago, tea has been China's national beverage. Some of the camellia tree's leaves were blown into a cauldron of boiling water and

    2013-10-01 17:00, food custom

  • False [Food] Snacks in Xi'an   

    Xi'an one of the four ancient cities, and the domestic tourist city, is famous for its cuisine and snacks, if you are visiting this city, you cannot miss the food here. In this article, several m

    2013-10-01 13:00, food xian

  • False [Food] Chinese Cuisines   

    In this section, we explore some of the variety found in Hong Kong's Chinese cuisines.

    2013-09-30 17:00, food manners

  • False [Customs] Tea Guide in China   

    The Chinese tea has spread the world to improve people’s health, happiness as well as the physical and mental harmony. This adds the infinite charm for the concept of health and tea culture.

    2013-09-30 13:00, food custom

  • False [Food] Toothpicks & Chopsticks in China   

    The use of toothpicks at a table is another standard practice. As in most Asian countries, the polite way to deal with lodged fragments of food is to cover one's mouth with one hand while the too

    2013-09-29 17:00, manner food

  • False [Food] Seating & Dining Customs in China   

    If a Chinese dinner has been arranged in a restaurant, the host will usually sit nearest the kitchen or service door. Then he will be in the least-favored position—sitting where the waiter will

    2013-09-28 17:00, food customs

  • False [Food] The Way of Chinese Cooking   

    Cooking is the sum of material and spiritual wealth created in the human activities in the practice of cooking and eating.

    2013-09-28 13:00, food cook

  • False [Food] Chinese Dining: Beliefs and Etiquette   

    Investigating those traditions is part of the fun of a Hong Kong visit, where English-speaking friends or business associates will happily tell you the whys and wherefores of seemingly arcane rit

    2013-09-27 17:00, food custom

  • False [Food] Famous Snacks in Nanjing   

    Eight snacks in Nanjing among them have the most delicious taste, so in September 1987, the experts named these eight snacks “The Eight Unique of Qinghuai”.

    2013-09-27 13:00, snack food

  • False [Food] Chinese food: Filled sausage 灌肠   

    Guan chang, or filled sausage, has been a popular snack in Beijing since the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

    2013-09-26 13:00, food Filled sausage

  • False [Food] Chinese food: Mung bean milk   

    Mung bean milk is a by-product of cellophane noodle production and is similar to soy milk, exceot it is made from mung beans.

    2013-09-26 12:00, food Mung

  • False [Food] Chinese food: Sweet ears 糖耳朵   

    Mi Ma Hua is shaped like a human's ear, which is why this snack also gets the name Tang Er Duo, which means' sweet ears' in Chinese.

    2013-09-25 13:00, food Sweet ears