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  • False [Characters] Donnie Yen-King of Kungfu in China   

    Born to a newspaper editor and a martial arts master, Donnie Yen(甄子丹Zhēn Zǐdān) began practising tai chi and wushu(武术wǔshù) at the age of four.

    2014-11-02 07:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Jujubes   

    The dark red Chinese date is most commonly used in TCM, especially to reinforce energy and aid digestion(digestion is the process of digesting food). It is nutrition-dense and contains more vitam

    2014-11-01 08:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Decoration Patterns of Classical Furniture of China   

    The Furniture from Ming and Qing Dynasties, especially the Qing-style furniture(清式家具Qīngshì jiājù), has attached particular importance to the application of decoration as the way of embod

    2014-10-31 09:00, culture

  • False [Customs] 3 jujubes a day keeps doc away in China   

    The JUJUBE(红枣hóngzǎo), the dark red fruit known as Chinese date, is both a popular snack and a very nutritious and therapeutic(therapeutic treatment is designed to treat an illness or to impr

    2014-10-30 11:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Dream of a banquet of China   

    Red-robed shrimps is said to be a favorite dish of Jia Baoyu(贾宝玉Jiǎ Bǎoyù), the decadent protagonist(a protagonist in a play, novel, or real event is one of the main people in it) of A Drea

    2014-10-29 11:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Paper-cutting in Foshan of China   

    With its origin in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), the paper-cut of Foshan flourished in Ming and Qing dynasties and is one of China's famous traditional handicraft(handicrafts are activities such a

    2014-10-28 09:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Changquan of China   

    The Changquan(长拳Chángquán) is a general term for external (as opposed to internal) Northern Wushu(武术wǔshù). It is one of the types of Wushu kung fu.

    2014-10-27 09:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Chinese have false teeth fixed or not?   

    It was early in the Han Dynasty that filling dental caries with amalgam was invented by Zhang Zhongjing(张仲景Zhāng Zhòngjǐng), a famous doctor at that time. Professional doctors engaged in de

    2014-10-26 09:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Talk about Four Natures and Five Flavors   

    Foods of "cold" or "cool" properties can be used to treat hot-natured diseases. The following are foods that are cold or cool in nature: barley, millet, buckwheat(荞麦qiáomài).

    2014-10-25 09:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Dietotherapy   

    The "Yangsheng" refers to the improvement of health and the prolonging of life through the proper care and nurture of one's mind and body.

    2014-10-24 12:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Autumn choices of China   

    In the dry season(e.g.Autumn), we may have no appetite, or have a dry throat. So at this time, the foods(食物shíwù) that contain a lot of moisture(水分shuǐfèn) are a good choice.

    2014-10-23 11:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Searching for kung fu in China   

    "There have been countless foreign documentaries about Chinese kung fu(功夫gōngfu) since the 1950s when their parallel films emerged," said Guan, "but most of them come from foreigners' curiosit

    2014-10-22 11:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Balancing Violence with Virtue of China   

    "When you can take the pebble from my hand, it will be time for you to leave." This quotation(a quotation is a sentence or phrase taken from a book, poem, or play, which is repeated by someone el

    2014-10-21 10:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Liuyedao of China   

    The main characteristic that distinguishes the Liu Ye Dao(柳叶刀liǔyè dāo) from the other Chinese sabers, is the shape of the blade(a blade of grass is a single piece of grass).

    2014-10-20 08:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Embryonic Forms of Primitive Sports of China   

    Among multitude of fairy tales told by the ancient Chinese, there were moving stories like those about "King Yi Shooting Down Nine Suns" and "Kua Fu Chasing the Sun".

    2014-10-19 08:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Playing During the Lantern Festival   

    The Chinese Lantern Festival(元宵佳节Yuánxiāo jiājié) has many names. It is also known as Shang Yuan Festival, or the Little New Year, as it marks the end of the celebrations stemming from th

    2014-10-18 09:00, culture

  • False [Customs] Shuttlecock Kicking of China   

    The shuttlecock kicking(踢毽子tī jiànzi), is another traditional popular folk game. Some records date its origin as far back as the Han Dynasty.

    2014-10-17 11:00, culture

  • False [Food] Snap Peas   

    A super healthy side, these crunchy-sugar-snap-peas(脆甜豌豆cuì tián wāndòu) tossed with sesame seeds and lemon zest will complement any festive main course.

    2014-10-10 08:00, culture

  • False [Food] The Uniquely Chinese Taste   

    Two major varieties of salted bean curd are either eaten as pickles or used in dishes. Only in China(中国Zhōngguó) can you taste dishes that are seasoned with intensely(intense is used to desc

    2014-10-09 10:00, culture