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  • False [Food] Chinese food:Noodles With Meat Sauce   

    Brown bean sauce (sold in cans in Asian markets) adds its own distinct flavor to this warming dish from northern China. If unavailable, you can use brown miso as a substitute. If you don’t want

    2016-01-23 14:00, food in china foods

  • False [Food] Chinese food:Panfried Noodles   

    This recipe goes by several different names, including "both sides browned" and "twice browned" noodles. In all cases the boiled noodles are browned on one side, then turned over and cooked on th

    2016-01-22 14:00, food in china foods

  • False [Food] For Healthier Life 更健康地生活   

    An increasing number of people are realizing the importance of a healthy diet and wondering if certain foods can help prolong their lives. 越来越多人意识到健康饮食的重要性,会想是否有食物能延长他

    2015-04-28 17:00, Food 食物

  • False [Food] Top Nine Fat-free Foods 九大无脂食品   

    As people trying to lose weight often think that whatever they eat will add to their inches, this is wrong.当人们努力减肥时,往往认为无论吃什么都会增肥,这是错误的想法。

    2015-04-26 09:00, Food 食物

  • False [Food] Wonton 馄饨   

    Wonton is a traditional regional pasta of the Han nationality in China. Originating from northern China, wontons are similar to dumpling and are usually served in soup.

    2015-04-24 11:00, Chinese Chinese Food

  • False [Food] Yangzhou fried rice 扬州炒饭   

    Yangzhou fried rice is also called Yangzhou fried rice with egg. It is a popular Yangzhou specialty with a long history.

    2015-04-20 12:00, Chinese Food Chinese

  • False [Food] Mapo tofu麻婆豆腐   

    It can be said that, "Tourists who don't taste mapo tofu have not really visited Sichuan."

    2015-04-17 14:00, Chinese Chinese Food

  • False [Food] Oatmeal tabbouleh of China   

    This is a good tabbouleh(塔博勒色拉Tǎbólè sèlā) alternative for those of you who can't tolerate wheat, though you must seek out a brand of steel-cut oats that has been processed in a gluten-

    2015-03-11 11:00, culture

  • False [Food] Muxi Pork   

    Wash the wood ears(木耳mùěr) and drain. Soak the golden needles in warm water for five minutes. Drain and cut crosswise(crosswise means diagonally across something) into halves.

    2015-03-09 12:00, culture

  • False [Food] Mung bean 绿豆   

    Speculators have driven up the price of mung beans, popular for their medicinal value. 投机商哄抬绿豆的价格,因为被它们的药用价值所吸引。

    2015-03-04 11:00, Food 食物

  • False [Food] Healthy Family Meals 健康的家庭饮食   

    Families that regularly eat healthy dinners together often encourage children to make healthier food choices. 家庭健康的晚餐常鼓励孩子们去选择更健康的食物。

    2015-03-03 11:00, Food 食物

  • False [Food] Chocolate 巧克力   

    The more we try to fight off a craving for chocolate, the more our desire for it grows. 我们越是试图摆脱对巧克力的渴望,对它的渴望越是增长。

    2015-03-02 10:00, Food 食物

  • False [Food] Pumpkin 南瓜   

    Pumpkin could "drastically" reduce the need for daily insulin injections for diabetics, according to recent research. 南瓜可以大大降低糖尿病患者每日注射胰岛素的量,根据最近的研究。

    2015-02-28 11:00, Food 食物

  • False [Food] A pint of beer 一杯啤酒   

    Having a glass of beer is a better option than drinking water after exercising, says a Granada University study. 运动后选择喝一杯啤酒比饮用水更好,格拉纳达大学的研究表明。

    2015-02-23 11:00, Food 食物

  • False [Food] Sweet Green Rice Ball甜绿饭团   

    During the Tomb Sweeping Day in China, people have the tradition of eating sweet green rice ball in some regions.It is a cold food made of glutinous rice powder and green mugworts and stuffed wit

    2015-02-13 12:00, China Chinese

  • False [Food] Stewed chicken with mushrooms of China   

    Why call this farm dish(农家菜nóngjiā cài)? Because of all you can eat chiken from chicken run in the city. However, you can eat free-range chicken in the farm. So more and more cities will de

    2015-02-12 12:00, culture

  • False [Food] Snap peas make perfect side dish in China   

    The super healthy side, these crunchy sugar snap peas(脆甜豌豆cuìtián wāndòu) tossed with sesame seeds and lemon zest will complement any festive(offering fun and gaiety) main course.

    2015-02-11 11:00, culture

  • False [Food] About Easy Chinese Recipes   

    On each side of the fish, make three diagonal(a diagonal line or movement goes in a sloping direction, for example, from one corner of a square across to the opposite corner) cuts 2 1/2 inches lo

    2015-02-09 13:00, culture

  • False [Food] Peking Duck of China   

    Beijing's most famous dish, Peking Duck is traditionally served with Mandarin pancakes, and green onions(green onions are small onions with long green leaves) for brushing on the hoisin sauce.

    2015-02-08 11:00, culture

  • False [Food] Steamed Pork with Fermented Bean Curd   

    Soak the red fermented rice(红曲米hóngqūmǐ) in a little warm water, crush it, and mix with the fermented bean curd(腐乳fǔrǔ), rock sugar and 1/2 tsp salt into a paste.

    2015-02-07 09:00, culture