• [Food] Flour Food面食

    Flour food has been popular with the Chinese people since ancient times. Flour of various materials is used to make all types of delicacies using an awful lot of cooking ways, such as steaming, b

    2015-02-06 12:00:00+0800
  • [Food] Goubuli(go believe) Stuffed Bun狗不理包子

    Stuffed buns are traditional instant food favored by most Chinese people. In northen China,people call stuffed buns as "bāozi" while in southern regions, they are named "mántou". Among buns of

    2015-02-02 12:00:01+0800
  • [Food] Manti dumpling

    Manti(羊肉水饺yángròu shuǐjiǎo) or Mantu are dumplings popular in most Turkic cuisines, as well as in the Hejaz and Caucasian, Central Asian, and Chinese Islamic cuisines.

    2015-01-22 12:00:00+0800
  • [Food] About Banku and kenkey

    Banku and kenkey fit the definition of a dumpling in that they are starchy balls of dough that are steamed. They are formed from fermented(having undergone fermentation) cornmeal dough.

    2015-01-21 15:00:01+0800
  • [Food] Dumpling

    The dumplings(dumplings are small lumps of dough that are cooked and eaten, either with meat and vegetables or as part of a sweet pudding) are a food that consists of small pieces of dough, eithe

    2015-01-20 11:00:00+0800
  • [Food] Fried Flour Cakes

    The Youxiang(油酥烧饼yóusū shāobǐng) is a traditional snack(a snack is something such as a chocolate bar that you eat between meals) of China’s Hui minority.

    2015-01-16 11:00:01+0800
  • [Food] Cool Herbal Tea of China

    The Cool herbal tea(凉茶liángchá) is a drink made from decocted Chinese herbal medicines that are cool in property or capable of removing internal heat from the human body.

    2015-01-15 09:00:01+0800
  • [Food] Local Food of Chongqing

    The Chongqing(重庆Chóngqìng), there are many local delicacies(something considered choice to eat), these things has a long history, they reflect the local culture, is an integral(something that

    2015-01-13 11:00:00+0800
  • [Food] Food in Lijiang

    From the name we know this snack is made of the white potato(白土豆bái tǔdòu). This kind of pan-cake is a sort of must food during harvest seasons in mountainous(a mountainous place has a lot

    2015-01-12 10:00:01+0800
  • [Food] Food of Lijiang,Yunnan in China

    As Lijiang located in the key traffic site of Sichuan, Tibet and Yunnan(云南Yúnnán), and also as the residence of multi-minorities, the largest feature of Lijiang dining is varied and abundant(

    2015-01-11 10:00:01+0800
  • [Food] Pantang water chestnut cakes of China

    The Water chestnut cake(马蹄糕Mǎtí gāo) is a sweet Cantonese dim sum snack made of Chinese water chestnut(chestnuts are the reddish-brown nuts that grow on chestnut trees. You can eat chestnut

    2015-01-10 12:00:01+0800
  • [Food] About the Tan Imperial Cuisine

    The Beijing cuisine(北京菜Běijīng cài), one of the eight most famous regional cuisines in the China(中国Zhōngguó), not only features dishes made from the imperial recipes, but also recipes i

    2015-01-09 08:00:01+0800
  • [Food] Famous Honey Chicken Wing

    Combine all ingredients and cover 5 pounds of chicken(鸡肉jīròu). No need to marinate(if you marinate meat or fish, or if it marinates, you keep it in a mixture of oil, vinegar, spices, and her

    2015-01-07 10:00:01+0800
  • [Food] Stick-beaten chicken shreds of China

    This is one of the well-known Sichuan local dishes that originated before the Ming Dynasty in a small town named Hanyang by the Mingjiang River in present Qingshen County, Sichuan Province. A che

    2015-01-06 10:00:01+0800
  • [Food] Method of making Drunken Chicken

    Thaw (if required), wash and drain dry chicken wings(鸡翅膀jī chìbǎng). Then marinade(soak in marinade) them with salt for half an hour.

    2015-01-05 08:00:00+0800
  • [Food] Drunken Chicken in Shaoxing Wine of China

    Enjoying this cold dish always make me feel like I’m eating in a decent Shanghainese restaurants. I can’t properly explain why, perhaps because I believe this should be one of their signature(a

    2015-01-04 08:00:01+0800
  • [Food] About herbal 关于草药

    Food is an indispensable part of life and the right choice can assist us in maintaining and strengthening our health. 食物是生活中不可缺少的一部分,正确的选择可以帮助我们保持和加强健康。

    2014-11-11 09:00:01+0800
  • [Food] Food color and heathy 食物颜色与健康

    Food color and health has a special relevance. Different meaning in different colors. 食物的颜色健康有着特别的联系。不同的颜色有着不同的意义。

    2014-11-09 10:00:01+0800
  • [Food] Vinegar 醋

    Vinegar does marvelous things for health. It results to peeling off dead skin cells. 醋对健康来说是了不起的存在。它能够使死亡的皮肤细胞掉落。

    2014-11-08 08:00:01+0800
  • [Food] Eight Cancer-Allaying Veggies 八大防癌蔬菜

    Specific vegetables are proven prophylactics against the eight most common cancers. 特定的蔬菜能行之有效的预防八种最常见的癌症。

    2014-11-07 07:00:01+0800