The art of choosing a Chinese name takes several things into consideration, such as the meanings of the characters, the elements they represent, and the number of strokes. When all of these factors are combined in a harmonious fashion, the result is an auspicious name that will bring good fortune to the bearer.

Chinese characters are defined as either Yin or Yang depending on their number of strokes. Strokes are the individual pen movements that are required to draw a character.

For example, the character 人 (person) has two strokes, and the character 天 (heaven) has four strokes.

Characters which have an even number of strokes are considered Yin, and characters with an odd number of strokes are Yang.

The Chinese Name - Zhong Ge

A Chinese name usually has three characters – the family name (a single character) and the given name (two characters). The family name is called tiān gé (天格) and the given name is called dì gé (地格). There is also the rén gé (人格) which is the family name and the first character of the given name.