Route1:Classical Tour in the City Proper Of Beijing
In the morning, tourst will go to the Temple of Heaven where they can see Citizens of Beijing doing morning exerses,practing taijiquan (a system of Physical exercises), and performing the sword dance; visit Tian’anmen Square, the largest central city square in the world, and the Palace Museum,the Imperial palace of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911)dynasities;and go to the Summer Palace, an ancient imperial garden,after lunch.

Route2:One-day Tour of the Great Wall
Tourists will go ti visit the world-renowned Great Wall at Badaling, and the Changling Mausoleum, one of the Ming Tombs after lunch,and stroll along the Sacred Road.

Route3:Choice Tour
Tourists will visit the Tian’anmen Square, the largest central city square in the world , and the Palace Museum, the imperial of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and head for the Great Wall at Badaling after lunch.

Route4:Leisure and Recreation Tour
In the morning,tourists will visit Summer Palace,an, an ancient imperial garden; and after Lunch, go to the Yonghegong Lamasery and then the Panda Hall in the Beijing Zoo to appreciate pandas,the national treasures of China.

Route5:Culture and Leisure Tour(A)
In the morning, tourists will take a tour of hutongs in Beijing (including going through Shichahai Area by tricycle, visiting the ordinary families in Beijing, experiencing the local People’s life and having a nice view of Beijing at the Drum Tower), and go to the Beijing Urban Planning Exhibition Center, and after lunch, do shopping at the Hongqiao Market.

Route6: Culture and Leisure Tour(B)
Tourists will visit the new Capital Museum and do shopping in the Silk Street in the Morning; and go to visit the 798 Art Zone after lunch.

Route7:Sports Culture Tour
In the morning, tourists will learn martial arts at the Liuyi Middle School, and watch the Performance of martial arts; and go to visit the Beijing Sport University, including the Olympic Champion Road, museum and training halls of the university after lunch..
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Route8:One-day Tour of the Great Wall at badaling, Sacred Road and Dingling Mausoleum(including lunch) Tourists groups at 9:00 and return at 18:00 every day.

Route9:One-day Golf Tour (including the golf caddie fee, green fee, facility fee and a set lunch at the golf court) Tourist groups depart at 09:00 and return at 18:00every day.
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Route10:Yonghegong lamasery + Summer Palace + Panda Hall in the Beijing Zoo (including lunch at a restaurangt)

Route11:China Red Sandwood Museum + Gaobeidian Ancient-style Fumiture Street (including lunch at a local household, and learning to make jiaozi dumplings)

Route12:Capital Museum + tasting tea + Hutong Tour by tricycle (including lunch at a restaurant)

Route13:Free Tour (excluding meal and vehicles, but providing a tourist guide)
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