Tibetan Opera team from Niangre village

Picture taken on May 1, 2012 shows folk Tibetan Opera team from Niangre village performing traditional Tibetan Opera in Norbulingka in Tibet.

Tibetan Opera, also called "the living fossil of Tibet culture", is an ancient art form that has developed over the centuries. Having a history of more than 600 years,it tells stories through the forms of singing and dancing. The Tibetan people have long cherished this important aspect of their folk culture and it has become part of who they are. Tibetan Opera has been listed in the first batch of National Intangible Culture in 2006 and was added to the UNESCO's World Intangible Culture Heritage List.
非物质文化遗产fēi wùzhì wénhuà yíchǎn:the UNESCO's World Intangible Culture Heritage 

To watch Tibetan Opera

People in Tibet watch Tibetan Opera in Zongjiaolukang Park in the photo taken on August 24, 2009.

Tibetan Opera performance

Tibetan Opera performance attracts many citizens and tourists in the photo dated May 1, 2012 shows.

students show classic poses

Picture taken on April 3, 2011 shows 18 students of Tibetan Opera major from University of Tibet showing their classic poses in the performance. In 2008, the Art School of University of Tibet chose 18 students mainly from Tibet and formed the first Tibetan Opera class in China. After three years of professional training, they have learned so many things about Tibetan Opera and injected fresh blood and hope for this traditional national art.