Growing up with Chinese(成长汉语) is an entertaining, fun and easy Chinese series. This series teaches 300 of the most commonly spoken Chinese phrases to teenagers. It is hosted by Charlotte MacInnis, known to the Chinese audiences as Ai Hua.

Key words:
偷懒 tōulǎn:to be lazy
亲手 qīnshǒu:with one’s own hands
吵架 chǎojià:to have a row
宴席 yànxí:banquet
通讯 tōngxùn:communication
好你个 hǎonǐgè:to express the speaker’s extreme disapproval of someone
也罢,也罢 yěbà,yěbà:used to stress or emphasize the conclusion that follows the frase
话是这么说,可 huà shì zhème shuō,kě:to disagree with or disapprove of whatever the other person said
天下没有不散的宴席 tiānxià méiyǒu bú sàn de yànxí:There are no banquets on earth that don’t disperse.