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Ang Lee's Film: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 李安《卧虎藏龙》

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is a 2000 wuxia film. the film was directed by Ang Lee.The film was a surprising success worldwide.《卧虎藏龙》是2000年最卖座的一部武侠电影,由李安指导。它在全世界获得令人惊讶的成功。
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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is a 2000 wuxia film. the film was directed by Ang Lee and Lee assembled a team from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Mainland China. The film was based on the fourth novel in a pentalogy, known in China as the Crane Iron Pentalogy, by wuxia novelist Wang Dulu.The film was a surprising success worldwide.

With Chinese dialogue and English subtitles, the film became the highest grossing foreign film in many countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, and was nominated in 10 categories at the Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Foreign Language Film, and Best Director. It ended up winning Best Foreign Language Film and three technical awards. The success of Crouching Tiger demonstrated that Lee's artistry had a general appeal; it also inspired such established directors as Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige to explore wuxia films for Western audiences.

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