Taking Woodstock is a 2009 American comedy-drama film about the Woodstock Festival of 1969, directed by Ang Lee. The film maintains a 48% average on Rotten Tomatoes[9] and a 55% on Metacritic.
《胡士托风波》Taking Woodstock是台湾导演李安的喜剧作品,剧情描述美国纽约州在1969年举办音乐表演活动胡士托音乐节。《胡士托风波》是李安所执导的电影中唯一在烂番茄影评网站得到“腐烂”评级的电影,只有48%的正面评价。

Set in 1969, the film follows the true story of Elliot Tiber (Demetri Martin), an aspiring Greenwich Village interior designer whose parents, Jake (Henry Goodman) and Sonia (Imelda Staunton), own the small dilapidated El Monaco Motel in White Lake, in the town of Bethel, New York. A hippie theater troupe, The Earthlight Players, rents the barn, but can hardly pay any rent. Due to financial trouble, the motel may have to be closed, but Elliot pleads with the local bank not to foreclose on the mortgage and Sonia delivers a tirade about her struggles as a Russian refugee. The family is given until the end of the summer to pay up.Elliot plans to hold a small musical festival, and has, for $1, obtained a permit from the town's chamber of commerce (of which he is also the president). When he hears that the organizers of the Woodstock Festival face opposition against the originally planned location, he offers his permit and the motel accommodations to organizer Michael Lang (Jonathan Groff). The next morning, however, Sonia inadvertently reveals that she has secretly saved $97,000 in cash in the floorboards of her closet. Elliot is upset that his mother hid this from him while he put his own savings into helping his parents.After the final day of the concert, Elliot packs up his life and says farewell to his father, after his father encourages him to strike out on his own. As Elliot pays one last visit to the concert and looks out over the muddy desolation of the Yasgur farm, Lang rides up on horseback and they marvel at how despite the obstacles, the event was a success. Lang mentions his next big project: staging a truly free concert in San Francisco with the Rolling Stones – the infamous Altamont Free Concert.
影片剧情主要环绕埃利奥特·提伯筹办伍德斯托克的经过。埃利奥特·提伯出身自中产犹太家庭,一直对父母隐瞒同性恋倾向,到60年代,他出力举办“伍德斯托克”音乐节,受到当时鼓吹爱与和平的社会气氛所感染,终于走出衣柜,公开同性恋身份。 伍德斯托克音乐节于1969年8月15日至17日在美国纽约州苏利文县附近举办,三天吸引了约45万人观看,乐队和观众通过音乐呼吁反战与和平,音乐节期间大雨倾盆,交通堵塞长达20英里,污秽遍地,但没有任何暴力事件发生,只有两个人死亡(一个撞车,另一个吸毒过量)。这个音乐节不仅让摇滚乐迷所熟知,更成为具有特殊意义的历史事件。出生于1935年的埃利奥特·提伯(Elliot Tiber)于1969年的夏天无意中在报纸上发现“伍德斯托克音乐节”原来的主办场地被撤销了,于是他打电话给组织者并找到了新的场地,牵扯进这场20世纪最伟大的摇滚音乐节当中。