One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let's take a look at the basic knowledge of "小".

小 xiăo  
Explnantion: small
Phrases: 小心(xiǎo xīn) be careful;take care  ;小说(xiǎo shuō) novel;fiction
“小”由三条短直线( )组成,通常指细小的物件。中间的直线( )指形状较小的物件,而两边的( )就是把小物件分开。如果我们将物件分开,它们的体积当然会比原来的小很多!
The character小in the oracle bones was formed by three short verticals (). The vertical in the middle depicts a small object and the other two on either side are the halves of a separated 八, which means “divide” as we know. When something is divided, it naturally becomes “small”.


1.Zhèbù xiǎoshuō bǐngchéng le tā yíguàn de chényì fēnggé.
This novel mirrors his morose style.

2. Tā yíbùxiǎoxīn,pèngshāng le bìzhǒu.
He carelessly injured his elbows.