One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let's take a look at the basic knowledge of "月".

月 yuè
Explnantion: moon; month
Phrases: 月亮 (yuè liɑnɡ)the moon ; 月台(yuè tái) railway platform
平时我们看到的月亮多数是弯月,所以“月”字最初像一轮新月( )高挂在天空。后来人们在这个字中间加进一笔( ),可能这一笔就是神话中的月桂树了。
As the moon spends more time in its waxing and waning stages than it does being full, the original pictograph月pictured a new moon hanging in the sky (  ). Later a vertical stroke was added inside the moon (  ) which was considered to indicate the baby tree as man imagined.    


1.Jīnwǎn de yuèliàng yǒuxiē móhu.
The moon tonight is a little hazy.

2.Yuètái shàng jǐmǎn le děng huǒchē de rénmen.
The railway platform is crowded with people waiting for the train.