One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let's take a look at the basic knowledge of "蜂".


蜂 fēnɡ
Explnantion: bee
Phrases: 蜜蜂mì fēnɡ:bee

“Feng” (“蜂”) is a pictophonetic character in the oracle bone inscriptions, with the phonetic element on top and two worms at the bottom. The form is an expression of ancient people’s deep understanding of insects, with all insects making sounds like “feng” being called “feng” (bees). In the small seal script and regular script, the “feng” (“奉”) radical at the top is replaced by its homophone “逢”, with the two worm radicals remained at the bottom. In its simplified version, the original phonetic element is moved from the top to the right.

“Feng” is a character meaning bees, including honeybees, hornets and wasps etc. In most cases, it is especially used to mean “honeybees”. Bees are social insects, so the phrase “fengqi” means “to emerge in large multitudes like bees”.


Fēngmì shì mìfēng fēnmì de jiāngyè jiāgōng zhìchéng de.
Honey is made from a thick fluid produced by bees.