In order to save more food, more and more people would like to tackle food waste.

At East China University of Science and Technology, students who finish their food in the campus canteen get a coupon when they return their tray. Students can collect coupons and exchange them for small gifts, such as books, magazines, mobile phone covers and hand warmers. “It’s been such a surprise,” said a student at the university. “It’s given us one more motivation to finish our food.”

The move is part of a national campaign organized by students to tackle food waste on campuses. The awareness campaign on campus food waste is gaining momentum across the country. Shanghai Youth League Committee and Shanghai Student Association launched the initiative in Shanghai. Why only on campuses, you might ask? Because according to a report by Xinhua News Agency, students waste twice as much food as the national average.

“The aim of the campaign is not only to encourage students to finish their food. We hope it can also motivate students to choose a more environment-friendly and healthy lifestyle,” said Tao Siliang, secretary of the Youth League Committee at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Other universities also pay attention to the quantity of food. At Nanjing University, rice is divided into three different-sized bowls that students can choose from according to their appetite. “I like to try different dishes at each meal. Before I had to throw away a lot of food because the portions were too big. But now the canteen offers half portions. It’s great because I can try different dishes at half price and don’t waste so much food,” said Fan Peng, a freshman majoring in English at Nanjing University.

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1手机壳(shǒujī ké):mobile phone cover