One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let's take a look at the basic knowledge of "丰"






丰富:fēngfù / rich; abundant; plentiful
丰厚:fēnghòu/ rich and thick
丰满:fēngmǎn/ plump; full-grown; well-developed
丰盛:fēngshèng/ sumptuous; rich
丰富多彩:fēngfùduōcǎi / rich and varied; rich and colorful

Feng is a rich meanings of Chinese characters. Feng word meaning refers to the lush or plump respectively. Common words in richness, outline, feng, and god also refers to the manner and appearance. Then after crop harvest, property rich, lush and full of meaning.

In ancient China, there were two characters that represented the meaning of “丰.” The first, “豊,” was a container for sacrificial offerings; that later extended to mean rich. The second was “丰,” which resembled a plant with branches and leaves growing, had the original meaning of lush. Now the two characters have merged to “丰.”


1. Jīntiān de wǎncān hěn fēngshèng.
Today's dinner is very sumptuous.

2. Wǒmen gōngsī yuángōng de yèyú shēnghuó fēngfù duōcǎi.
Our company’s employees have rich and colorful lifestyles outside of work.