Gifts Exchange

Guests are expected to give a gift to their Chinese host. It is helpful to bring an extra supply of wrapped gifts lest you be caught short-handed. A visiting group can give one large gift to the host organization or smaller mementos to individuals. Avoid gifts of excessive value or that are too personal. Try to find a gift that represents your home state, such as locally made products. As a fallback, many companies rely on gifts of nice crystal or company products such as pens or calendars that can be distributed to everyone.

Gifts are not usually opened in front of the person giving the gift, so do not think it is rude if your host tosses your gift aside. You also may receive gifts from your Chinese hosts. Again, as a rule, do not open the gift in their presence, although in some cases the Chinese may make a show of doing so for you. Gifts are usually exchanged at the end of a banquet or meeting.