Foreigners often make some strange mistakes in Chinese when they study the most difficult language--- ---Chinese. We try to analyze typical sentences to correct these errors.

          Jīnnián de chǎnliànɡ tíɡāo le zuǒyòu bǎifēnzhī shí.
False: 今年的产量提高了左右百分之十。
          Jīnnián de chǎnliànɡ tíɡāo le bǎifēnzhī shí zuǒyòu.
True: 今年的产量提高了百分之十左右。

左右百分之十是about 10 per cent的直译。在汉语中,左右是也许多一些,也许少一些的意思,表示大约的数目,应放在百分之十的后边。
左右百分之十 is the word-to-word interpretation of "about 10 per cent". Meaning "more or less" in Chinese, 左右 is used to indicate a rough number. It must be placed after 百分之十.