Tea can be so much more than a drink; it is actually a great ingredient to add to other wonderful recipes. Here are some cooking ideas where you can use your tea leaves as an additional flavor.
A Green Tea Ice Cream Recipe is the perfect treat on hot sunny day.
Imagine it is the weekend and you want to spend some time with your friends and family. Preparing tasty afternoon tea recipes is an excellent way to have fun and enjoy the health benefits of tea.
Green tea has powerful antioxidants that protect you from several ailments. If you are worried about your heart or trying to lower blood pressure, green tea properties boost your immune system giving it the strength you need to fight viruses and bacteria.

Green tea Ice Cream Recipe

Now you can combine the green tea health benefits with a tasty ice cream recipe! It’s the perfect way to introduce your children to the world of green tea recipes.

Take this opportunity to teach them some interesting facts about tea. To get them involved in the spirit make up some tea party games. They will learn more if they are having fun.

Lead them into the kitchen and prepare this fantastic Green tea ice cream recipe together. So, gather your ingredients and let’s begin!

2 egg yolks
2-4 tbsp of sugar
200ml of heavy cream
1-2 tbsp of matcha green tea (powder tea)
2 tbsp of boiling water
50ml of iced water

How to Make Green tea Ice Cream Recipe
Step 1
Lightly whisk your egg yolks in a pan. Now add the water and sugar and stir.

Step 2
Place your pan on low heat. Then stir continually, allowing this blend to thicken. As soon as you see your mixture growing and becoming more solid, remove it from the heat.Here’s a Tip: Don’t stop stirring, or your eggs will cook and ruin your recipe.

Step 3
Now get your matcha green tea and mix it with hot water. See how the powder green tea gains life as you gently stir?

Step 4
Pour the powder green tea in the egg mixture and whisk it well. Again, you are pouring hot liquid over your eggs so it’s important not to stop stirring. Next, place the bowl with this mixture in another recipient with the iced water to cool down.

Step 5
Add the whipped heavy cream to the previous mixture and stir well.

Step 6
Now comes an important part. If you have an ice cream maker, you must pour the mixture inside it, follow the manufacturer’s directions and keep it in the freezer.
If you don’t have an ice cream maker, don’t worry! You can still do it and we will explain how.

Put your creamy mixture in a large container and keep it in the refrigerator for two hours. Then remove the container, stir the mixture and place it this time in the freezer for more two hours. You must repeat this step once or twice (taking the container of the freezer and mixing the ice cream), to prevent ice crystals from forming in the ice cream.

Let’s be creative!

Place some waffle sticks in your ice cream cups. Tropical fruits are a good idea as well. They bring even more colour and taste!

You can also make up fun tea sandwich recipes with your kids or try other green tea recipes! Have a look at this fantastic green tea cookie recipe and dazzle your kids with yet another healthy surprise for your tea party!

The good thing about this green tea ice cream recipe is that you can make lots of it and always have it prepared in your freezer, be it summer or winter! Nothing beats a bowl of ice cream in the evening while watching a good movie. And it makes a great desert when you have unexpected guests for dinner.

With this ice cream, you get the chance to introduce your friends and family to green tea, especially to matcha tea, a Japanese powder green tea famous for its powerful antioxidants and its royal character.

So continue your travels in this world and discover new teas and recipes. There is so much more to see and taste!

绿茶冰淇淋配方lǜchá bīnɡqílín pèifānɡ : Green Tea Ice Cream Recipe
下午茶xiàwǔchá : afternoon tea
抗氧化剂kànɡyǎnɡhuàjì : antioxidants
抹茶mǒchá : matcha tea